Christmas Orienteering Cup

Quality Areas and Good Courses in Central Scotland from Masterplan Adventure


Tuesday 28th December – Day 1 – Callendar Park
Wednesday 29th December – Day 2 – Trossachs
Thursday 30th December – Rest Day
Friday 31st December – Day 3 – South Achray – TBC
Saturday 1st January – Day 4 – West Edinburgh Sprint
Sunday 19th December – Sunday 9th January – Training – Polmaise

Overview Map


Long – 35mins for Elite Men (14 mins for sprint)
Medium – 80% long
Short – 60% long
Yellow – If demand is great enough. Please message us to request! See below.


Callendar Park
A mixture of fast open parkland and deceptively tricky woodland makes this the perfect place to kick off the first ever Christmas Cup.

No area in Central Scotland comes close to the quality that the Trossachs oozes. In fact for some this is Britain’s best orienteering area. Contours, rocks and marshes makes this Scandinavian-esque but the hill climbs makes this slower than the areas most common across the North Sea. But the sheer navigational challenge will make up for the strain you’ll put your body through! Plus you’ve got a rest day the next day 😉

South Achray
An area with 3 distinct sections. The western section is an interesting mix of contours, rocks and marshes. The northern section is steep with occasional low visibility but which is still runnable. The southern part is a mix of open, semi open and mature oak forest with distinct hills and occasional rock. Again winter is it’s best months for orienteering.

Sprint Area
Celebrate Hogmanay in Edinburgh then roll out of bed to sample this new sprint area!

Start Times

Morning. Trossachs may run into afternoon due to limited parking.


We hope to provide an indoor space for at least 2 of the venues where you can hide from the cold, rain, snow, wind and catch up with friends, discuss courses or just relax after your run.


Online via SiEntries. Entry limit 200.

To begin with we will only accept entries for all the races together. Then if there is still space available from mid November we will allow individual race entry.

DeadlineDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4CombinedTraining
Sun 7th November£49/24.50£7/4
Sun 21st November£53/26.50£7/5
Wed 15th December£15/7.50£15/7.50£15/7.50£12/6(£57/28.50)£7/5



We will provide a training area map with markers left in the forest for at least 2-3 weeks over the Christmas and New Year period. This will be at a TD4/TD5 (light green and above) standard. The training will be planned so you can practice a variety of techniques best suited to the area and full instructions given (maybe even a video briefing!).


We’d recommend in staying in Stirling as it’s in the middle of all the areas. Although maybe if you’re off to Edinburgh for Hogmanay you’d want to stay that way on Friday night.


For the top woman and man in each course overall.


To Forth Valley Orienteers for letting us use their areas.


Send Chris a message on our contact page.

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Organised by Masterplan Adventure. An Orienteering Club based in Scotland. Best known as the organiser for Sprint Scotland and Coast and Islands.

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